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Our service offering is diverse and vast because we firmly believe in collaboration. We have built reliable relationships with trusted industry experts to ensure that we are able to give you the best possible service.

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About us

out of a passion for
science and innovation

Here at Chemmicro Solutions, we do things differently. We bring a genuine entrepreneurial spirit to the scientific world.

In an ever-changing world, Chemmicro Solutions aims to keep society safe, through the innovative use of the latest technology in food testing. We have the capability to ensure that food sourced from importers, growers, manufacturers, kitchens, fast-food outlets and processing plants are safe for consumption and encourage transparency throughout the industry.

    Our vision is to “create an innovative, scientific platform providing a world-class service”, rather than be an authoritative product safety provider.
    Our focus:
    • Customer oriented service
    • All-inclusive service offering
    • Efficient, precise testing
    • Quick turnaround times
    • Accurate and detailed results
    • Excellent business practices
    • Affordability
    Our team of professional, highly trained staff ensure a phenomenal turnaround time in extracting accurate results. The Quality Management System adhered to by our Laboratory conforms to SANAS and DALLRD approved methods.



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