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Our service offering is vast and diverse. However, we appreciate that objective expert opinions will need to be sought from time to time. We value collaboration and transparency which has allowed us to establish strong working relationships with trusted industry affiliates. Our unique strength lies in sourcing all the required scientific data, presenting this in a clear, concise format while remaining cognisant of the commercial and operational aspects of your business.

Our knowledgeable, innovative team also offers Consulting Services. A wealth of expertise has been gained through years of practical experience within the industry. Technically challenging projects will be approached purposefully with the aim of finding creative yet practical solutions to problems.

    We have a special interest in food microbiology, covering all aspects, from SANAS accredited Microbiological Testing, Shelf-Life Analysis, Trending, as well as Organoleptic Testing. We offer a wide range of Microbiological Testing on products such as:
    • Seafood
    • Meat
    • Poultry
    • Ready Meals
    • Fresh Produce including vegetable products
    • Fruit Juices
    • Dry Goods and Condiments such as cereals, nut products, spices, fats, oils
    • Dairy Products
    • Animal Feed such as pet food, seeds, and cereal grains plus their by-products

    • Our stringent testing methods satisfy local requirements, as well as import/export requirements. Testing provides pathogen and non-pathogen detection and enumeration. We are also able to tailor testing to suit the specific requirements of our clients.



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We ensure you ALWAYS get The Best Results.


We are one of the largest SANAS accredited labs performing Microbial Testing of food, beverages, and agricultural products.


We offer a one stop solution, capable of satisfying all the food lab testing requirements of the industry, for both the domestic and export markets.

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We pride ourselves in providing an efficient yet swift service. We understand that time is of the essence and go above and beyond to ensure a fast turnaround time.

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